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How To Turn Leftover Rice Into South Indian Appe In Minutes

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  • Appam is a thin, pancake-like south Indian flatbread.
  • You can easily make it at home with leftover rice.
  • Watch this recipe video to make appam easily in your own kitchen.

What pancake is to people living in western countries, appe is to south Indians. Appe is round in shape and is a popular delicacy in south Indian states. A south Indian food lover knows how important appe is as a part of the cuisine. If you also love the flavours of the foods from down south, we are sure you would love appe too. Did you ever try appe in a restaurant and its taste lingered on in your mind for a long time after, and you still sometimes crave for it? Then, we will help you make it easily at home with your leftover rice.

Often times, we make rice in bulk and a part of it is always left unused. Making appe out of it is a great way to utilise rice for your next meal. Bonus – you get a delicious dish too! The recipe video shared by food vlogger Alpa Modi on her YouTube channel ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’ demonstrates an easy way of making appe at home.

Blend your leftover rice with water in a mixer-grinder to make rice paste. Add suji (semolina) and some water and let it sit for some time. When you get a fluffed up batter, add onions, capsicum, coriander leaves and some common spices. Pour a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves and make appe in an appe pan. It’s that easy!

So, next time you are left with some rice from your last meal, don’t let it go waste. Make this authentic south Indian appe in minutes and enjoy a tantalising evening snack or morning meal.

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