Apple Pie

Apple pie has a delicious taste and is a favorite dessert with many.


    Ingredients for the pastry

    All-purpose (plain) flour:- 220 gm.
    Salt:- pinch
    Unsalted butter (cut into small cubes and refrigerate):- 145 gm.
    Ice water

    Ingredients for the stuffing

    Apples (peeled, core and quarter in half lengthwise):- 5
    Unsalted butter:- 115 gm.
    All-purpose (plain) flour:- 3 tbsp.
    Superfine sugar:- 115 gm.
    Packed light brown sugar:- 100 gm.
    Salt:- pinch
    Water:- 60ml
    Ground cinnamon:- to taste

    Ingredients for the glaze

    Superfine sugar

tools required


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preparation method

Heat the microwave to 220 degrees C.

To make the pastry, combine the salt and flour together into a bowl.

Mix the butter in it and then blend this mixture using a pastry cutter until it looks like wet sand.

Knead it using a little ice water at a time till soft dough is prepared.

Chop in half and make a disc from each half.

Wrap a disc in a plastic wrap and keep it in fridge till required.

Cut lengthwise pieces of apple into 16 chunks.

Directly cover the apples using plastic wrap to avoid browning. Keep it in a refrigerator.

In a 2-quart saucepan, melt butter and then stir in flour to make a paste.

Put the brown sugar, water, salt and sugar into it. Allow this mixture to boiling simmer.

Decrease heat and simmer for about five minutes and stir a lot.

Roll out the pastry and keep the lower crust in pan and stuff with apples, slightly mounded.

Sprinkle little cinnamon.

Once the sauce is cooked, evenly and slowly pour it over the apples.

Keep the upper crust on, close edges and roll the excess under, and flute edges.

Cut 4 steam slits in the upper to resemble a cross and paint the crust using the milk.

Sprinkle this mixture over the sugar.

Bake at 220 degrees C for 15 minutes and then decrease the temperature to 175 degrees C, bake for 45 minutes.

Serve hot or cooled.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve warmed with cold vanilla ice cream or custard.

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Calories :- 411 Sodium :- 327 mg Total fat :- 19.38 g Saturated fat :- 4.728 g Protein :- 3.72 g

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