Eggless Tiramisu


    Eggless sponge cake, Slice (out round):- 4  Nos

    Custard  powder:- 4 teaspoons

    Milk:-  1½ cups:-

    Castor sugar:- ¼ cup

    Coffee powder (South Indian):- 2 tablespoon

    Hung curd:- 4 tablespoons

    Whipped cream:- 3 tablespoons

    Mint Sprig:- 1 No

    Cocoa Powder            (To dust on top):- 1 Tbsp

preparation method

In a pan, add milk and boil. Add castor sugar and custard powder and mix well, till it thickens. Now cool this mixture.

In a separate pan, add water and coffee powder and prepare a concoction.

In a separate bowl, add hung curd and whipped cream and mix well. Add this to the pre-prepared custard mixture and pipe into piping bags.

Cut a cake sponge into round shapes with a cookie cutter and place a slice at the base of a small cup. Now soak it with coffee decoction. Now pipe the chilled custard mixture in it, and fill half the cup. Now, repeat adding the cake slice , soak with coffee decoction , and pipe the custard mixture onto it once again filling the glass.. Let cool. Dust with cocoa powder,

Serving Suggestions

    Garnish with mint sprig and serve chilled.

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By: Chef Rakesh Sethi

Show: Tea Time with Rakesh Sethi

Prep:10 Mins Cook: less than 15 min

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