Fruits with Yoghurt



    Red apple- 1 medium

    Green apple- 1 medium

    Pineapple- ¼

    Dried apricots- 3-4

    Prunes- ½

    Pears- 5-6

    Pears- ½

    Hung curd- 1 ½

    Honey- 1 tbsp

    Biscuits- 8- 10

    Strawberry crush- 1 tbsp

    Prunes- to garnish

    Strawberry crush- to garnish

    Dried apricot- to garnish



    Lal seb- 1 medium

    Hara seb- 1 medium

    Anans- 1/4

    Sukhi Khumani- 3- 4

    Aloo Bukhara- 5- 6

    Nashpaati- ½

    Dahi- 1 ½ cup

    Shahed- 1 tbsp

    Biscuits- 8-10

    Strawberry- pisi hue- 1 tbsp

    Aloo Bukhara- sajawat ke liye

    Strawberry pisi hua- sajawat ke liye

    Sukhi Khumani- sajawat ke liye

preparation method

Cut all the fruits like red apple, green apple, pineapple, dried apricots, prunes and pears in a bowl and keep a side

In another bowl take hung curd and honey, mix with half of the fruits, leave half portion of fruits in the same bowl

Take another bowl, put crushed biscuits and strawberry crushed in it,

Put a layer of half of the fruits, followed by the fruits mix with curd dressing

Season with strawberry crush prunes and apricots, and serve

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By: Chef Shantanu Gupte

Show: Health Mange More

Prep:30 mins Cook: less than 15 min

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