Vegetarian Kebabs

Vegetarian kebabs are spicy yet delicious snack for all potato lovers.


    Potato (boiled, peeled and grated):- 2
    Cottage cheese/paneer (grated) :- 1 cup
    Cauliflower (grated) :- 1 cup
    Cabbage (grated) :- 1 cup
    Green chili(chopped) :-2
    Coriander (chopped) :- 1 tbsp.
    Ajinomoto powder :- ¼ tsp.
    Refined flour :- 1 cup
    Red chili powder :- ½ tsp.
    Oil for frying :-
    Clarified butter (ghee) :- 1 tbsp.
    Salt :- 1 tsp.

tools required



Serving dish


preparation method

In a pan, heat oil and fry both gobis and ajinomoto powder. Fry for few minutes.

Now, add paneer, potato, salt and green chili. Cook until the water evaporates completely.

Switch off the heat and allow it to cool.

Make small balls of the prepared mixture and set aside.

Prepare batter by combining ½ tsp. of salt, red chili powder, one cup of water and maida.

In another pan, heat oil.

Dip every ball in batter and then deep-fry them until they become slight golden brown in color.

Serve hot.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve hot with sauce or chutney or ketchup.

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Prep:20 mins Cook: 15 to 30 minutes

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