No Baked Energy Balls

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Hello, I’m Reesha , I’m a 4th grader @ Classicalprep charter school. I love cooking. Recently I won 1 st price in kids cooking competition. I like to share my recipe with you.


1 cup oat
1/2 cup grounded flex seed
4-5 spoon honey
2-3 spoon peanut butter / Cookie butter
Some chocolate chips
Vanila little bit
Coconut flakes
Mix all ingredients together well except coconut
Make balls & roll it in to coconut flakes
Refrigerate for3-4 hours before served
Author: Reesha Patel

One thought on “No Baked Energy Balls”

  1. Hi Amarendra, it was like a daliya but swteeer perhaps in Ghee. it was really a bare bone dessert, very basic. Which is why its perhaps very traditional and there fore interesting. I didn’t like it all that much but i was interested in trying.

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