Khajoor Chocolate


    Dates/ Khajoor: 6 – 8 pieces
    Mava (khoya): 1 cup
    Coco Powder / Dark Chocolate: 1 tbsp / 1/2 cup (melted chocolate)
    Sugar: 4 tsp
    Almonds: 6 – 8 pieces roasted
    Pistachios: 1 tbsp finely chopped
    Kesar: Soaked in milk
    Varakh: For garnishing

preparation method

1. Deseed all the pieces of Khajoor and replace these seed with roasted almonds and keep it aside. Dissolve saffron in 1tsp milk keep a side.
2. Heat non stick pan add khoya, sugar, coco powder or hot melted chocolate & continuously stir on the medium heat until the mixture thickens. As soon as the mixture starts thickening transform immediately to a greased plate and let it cool.
3. Take one piece of khajoor and fill it with chocolate khoya mixture, follow the same process for all the other pieces.
4. Place all the 6- 8 pieces on a plate and garnish it with varakh, kesar and finely chopped pistachios.
5. Refrigerate it and serve the delicious festive special KHAJOOR CHOCOLATE.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve 3
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