Dry “Dhokli” with Tadka Paani

Gujarati food mainly known for its various way of cooking as well as various unique combination of ingredients. 
Dal Dhokali is one of the traditional gujarati dish. Here I have tried something new and unique to present the same concept of the DOHKALI in a very different way.
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Best Amritsari Kulcha Ever!!

Well you will be surprised to know that the Sainath Kulchas in Chembur(Mumbai) serve the  best Amritsari kulcha in India. I was shocked too but it is true. Being Delhi boy who has lived most of his life in the north was just surprised by the very authentic taste of the Kulcha. One fine day a close friend of mine invited me over to try out these Kulchas. I was like dude I am from north so I am not sure if these kulchas will be any good. I mean honestly I had no expectations from this place as Mumbai is popular for Vada Pav and Sea food. He took me to this place called Sainath Kulcha. This place is in Chembur Camp. If you guys are planning to go then reach Chembur Camp and ask for this place, it is inside a small lane.

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The 220 Rupees Egg Bhurji & Milkmaid Gola at JUHU beach

Well normally after a tiring and hectic day at work, me and my work friends head to the nearest bar to relax and chill and discuss office gossip and politics. But somehow we were bored of this routine and were planning to do something different, & one of the most important reason was that we didn’t have enough money to buy booze, so one of them suggested Juhu Beach for the nice Egg bhurji and milkmaid gola (chuski “Delhi lingo“) and chocolate Gola.

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The Great Mumbai Breakfast

The really long travelling time in Mumbai can make you really hungry. Getting up early and running to office to be on time is a task and cooking or having breakfast is near impossible feat to achieve. Having breakfast means sacrificing 5 minutes of extra sleep and sacrificing 5 minutes of extra sleep is a big no no for must of us. We have been time and again told by our parents that breakfast is the important meal of the day. You realize it is necessary for you to keep you going ,specially when you have a hectic travelling ahead of you.

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