Sunday Exotica


    2 - 3 scoops vanilla ice-cream

    2 tsp sabza

    4 tsp strawberry crush

    Chocolate sauce

    1 dark chocolate block

    2 - 3 cherry

    few mixed nuts

preparation method

Put sabza seeds at the bottom of a glass. Add strawberry crush to it.

Pour ice-cream shake into the glass slowly, with the help of a spoon.

Put some chocolate sauce in the glass and some on the sides of the

glass for decoration.

Put some more strawberry crush into the glass and grate a block of chocolate forming a layer on it.

Pour some more ice-cream shake into the glass and top it with grated chocolate.

Serving Suggestions

    Garnish it with cherry, strawberry and nuts.

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Show: Ladies First

Prep:10 Mins Cook: Cooking Not Required

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